How you answer the phone says a great deal about your French Business



Live telephone answering

However big or small you are

...Wherever you are in the world

Our first aim is to help you, our customer, make more money by simplifying your communications and eliminating missed calls and lost business opportunities

ALTES offers you :
Phone answering service
when you want
how you want
always polite and efficient

  • Good value service
  • Coverage available 62 hours a week, or 24/7 
  • Personalized service in french and german language
  • Holiday coverage
  • Coverage for unexpected absences or staff meetings
  • Appointment setting & calendars with Outlook synchronization
  • All messages are electronically dated/timed throughout 
  • Relaying of messages by fax, SMS text, e-mail, phone call or internet (18 hours per day)
  • Printed copies of messages are available on request
  • When the office is closed, your calls are forwarded to an automatic answering machine or to your telephone number.
  • 2 months' storage of your messages


Inbound Call Services

ALTES  helps you to identify top prospects or buyers following your inquiry/order process

Outbound Call Services

ALTES calls propects to generate leads and set up qualified appointments.

Database qualication

ALTES date up your database and identify decision makers.

Virtual office

A virtual office service from ALTES is one of the most cost effective ways for a  company to set up a base in France, with a professional image.

Set up your business in France without paying  high rates

ALTES provides an instant, flexible and  effective solution to companies needing a professional image. 


ALTES gives you a business address and post box, without renting an office.

  • Good value service
  • Coverage available all round year 
  • Personalized service
  • Post forwarding
  • Post scanning and email sending
  • Telephone forwarding
  • Fax forwarding
  • Only three months' notice
  • Reduced deposit
  • Room rental if necessary

ALTES offers a fast, effective way to break into the French market or a quick easy solution to a short-term sales/marketing campaign.

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